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Business analytics

Through the rapid development of the IT field, a need for a more precise defining of business processes, needs and requirements that each company has in order to be able to pursue its strategic business objectives.

Business analytics is a set of tasks, skills, techniques, examples of best practice and recommendations that contribute to the detection of business needs as well as its problems and the opportunities the company is facing. The task of analytics is to find a comprehensive solution to pursue the project’s or company’s objectives.

The purpose of business analytics is to minimize the gap between business and IT solution, which supports business processes. The solutions, that our analysts form using business models, result in prepared documentation (specifications, guidelines, support documents, collection of client's wishes, etc.) and collaboration in IT solution development or configuration.

The advantages of using business analytics in implementing or renewing IT solutions are:

  • Accurately defined business processes

  • All the requirements and desires wishes assembled in one place

  • Traceability and existence of accurate project documentation

  • Analysis of user requirements

  • Discovering new solutions, opportunities for improvement and optimization

  • Connecting multiple project information modules (data migration, system and development administration etc.).

  • Visualization of potential solutions and performance models

  • Suggestion of a comprehensive solution for a specific situation.

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