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Quality Assurance (QA)

Quality assurance is the process with which we wish to meet our clients’ needs and to ensure the product’s compliance with the written requirements (such document iscalled the functional and technical specification). The product’s quality is reached, when the client is satisfied and the final product is as suitable as it can be.

In our company we are aware of the importance of providing high quality IT products, so we have formed a group of experts in this field. Our representatives are highly specialized and have a great variety of interesting experiences. During their professional development the members of our expert group havedealt with different BRANCHES and fields AREAS such as telecommunications, online shops, portals, insurance, banking, gaming, etc., The objective in common to all mentioned areas is where it was necessary to ensure the quality of the software and are ready for new tasks and challenges.

For quality workand a strive to excellence of the software there is essential to include testers in all phases of the development process. Let’s not forget the accuracy, accountability, ideas on how to test particular things, consistency, etc. Our team of experts can work with the back-end applications as well as applications that will be used by the end-users (front-end).

Being very skilled, they cover a wide range of testing services: from the automatic test preparation, test cases preparations, resultsrecord-keeping, suggestions for improvement as well as manual testing, which is primarily intended for the visual defects detection.

In our work we use numerous methods, examples of best practice and guidelines. Our expert team is constantly improving their knowledge with a variety of educational workshops, seminars and meetings.

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