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We get engaged in the project from the starting point. With the help of analysing and using advanced methods we provide you with the solutions.


The analysis results are implemented into IT solution. We tend to develop the best possible IT solution.


We carefully check the functioning, appearance and the content of the IT solution in all stages of its development.


The most appropriate solution is handed over to the end user. But we aren’t done yet: During our maintenance we are still searching for possibleimprovements that would make the use of our solution even simpler.

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Hi! We are Applet

We are a team of experts who provide preparation, analysis, implementation, performance and maintenance of IT solutions for our clients. We act proactively, strive for excellence and are objective-oriented. Being accomplished in the field of information technology, we contribute to a more structured approach and project’s tasks execution. What keeps us going is the desire for constant progress, achievable through innovative solutions, constant improvement and business process optimization consulting.

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Quality (QA)

IT solutions are prepared by a human resource. Since we are imperfect, these solutions are not without errors. With our willpower and precision we strive to excellence und try to discover as many errors as possible in all phases of development. Smooth running of IT solutions is our main objective.

Business analytics

We help our clients with business processes analysingand with the searchfor the best solutions in the field of informatics. With our knowledge and experiences we are able to optimize the usage of IT solutions as well as the pursuit of business objectives.

Project management

Our skilled and experiences experts help you with the managing project. We provide you help for implementation and maintenance IT solutions. The smooth project running is the task of our project managers, who enable just that with appropriate project group coordination and project activities monitoring.

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